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      Election of Officers & Trustees

      Email questions to: elections@opeiu453.

      2022 Is an Election Year

      @media only screen and (max-width: 730px){ .pdfview{height:500px !important} L453 Election Rules 2022.


      • Where can I be tested?

      MBTA employees, MassDOT employees, and contractors can be tested at Everett shops, free of charge, and as often as you like. Testing must be done on your own time, however. Sign up here:


      • How do I preregister for the COVID-19 vaccine?


      • Who do I call if I think I've been exposed?

       Work Partners: (844)531-4859, as well as contacting your health care provider for guidance.

      • Do I need a negative test to return to work if I recently tested positive?

      No. Only employees who have traveled outside of MA to a non-lower risk state need to show proof of a negative test prior to returning to work. 

      • Can my manager make me stay home if someone I live with is positive?


      • My doctor is saying one thing, but the MBTA is telling me something different. Who do I listen to?

      Always follow the advice of your health care provider, and keep in contact with WorkPartners with changes and updates to your status. 

      • Do I have to tell my manager if I tested positive?

      Self-declaring your positive result is not mandatory, though it is good practice and up to the comfort level of the employee. 

      • When can I return to work?

      You may return to work within ten calendar days of your initial positive test date, as long as you're asymptomatic and/or need no medications to manage symptoms for 48 hours before returning. WorkPartners will put you in automatically for 14 days, and it is up to you to update them with your early return to work status. 

      • I feel fine, but I'm positive. Can I continue to telework, and not use the "Covid Leave"?

      Yes, employees who feel heatlhy and well enough to continue teleworking may do so while still within the initial 10 days of testing positive. 

      • Can my manager ask to see my negative test result before coming back to work?


      • My area isn't supplying us with enough PPE, who do I talk to about this?

      Any member of the Local 453 Executive Board can help you. 

      • Do I have to stay home if I'm getting tested, just to be on the safe side?

      No, as long as you have no symptoms you may continue working if you so choose. 

      • They took my sick days, how do I get reimbursed?

      Complete all documents sent to you from WorkPartners, and contact Payroll at payroll@mbta.com

      • I'm still confused. Who do I bring my questions to?

      WorkPartners, Payroll, and HR should all be able to answer all of your questions, though WorkPartners should always be your first contact. Further/unanswered questions can be directed to any member of the Local 453 Executive Board.

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